We journey with our clients through this difficult time in their life by giving emotional support and to shine a light of hope into the situation. Read about Jessica’s story and the difficult decisions she had to make when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

I first met Jessica, she was in a crisis situation and chose to seek counselling at Hope for the Heart Pregnancy Care Centre. Jessica was shy and found it difficult to talk about what was troubling her. Our first meeting we just chatted as she told me more about her and her family. During this time, she shared that she was 5 months pregnant. The relationship with her boyfriend was unstable, her family was unable to support her financially and she felt her only option was to release her baby for adoption. She felt desperate and alone.

We continued to meet weekly and spoke about her goals and dreams she had for her life, and what that would look like now that she was pregnant. Her self-confidence was growing each week by just having someone who was willing to listen to her story and respond with non-directive counsel and spoke truth with love. Once she was given information about the options available to her, she was able to make a decision that she felt was right for her. She decided to parent her baby and knows that it won’t be easy but feels she has found her inner strength to overcome the difficulties facing her. The relationship with the father of her baby is in a better place but she knows there are no guarantees on how long it will last. There are so many more stories like Jessica’s.

Through Hope for the Heart Pregnancy Care Centre, Jessica was able to acquire information and receive resources to assist her to make an informed decision for herself and her baby.

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